to my practice

As a homeopath I focus my practice on emotional wellbeing for everyone and women's health. No condition is truly beyond the scope of homeopathy, whether you've had your complaint for a few months or a few years

I began my homeopathy licentiate training in 2001...graduating in 2005. I continue to learn about the enormous potential of homeopathy and the real role it can play towards helping establish physical and emotional equilibrium

I’ve integrated yoga and meditation into my practice (where appropriate) devoting a portion of my continuing practitioner development to the study and consequent teaching of both practices – firstly because I’ve experienced amazing benefits from both practices and because the power of movement and mindfulness are expotential

I'm registered with the Society of Homeopaths and adhere to their Code of Ethics and Practice and the International School of Dru Yoga

CPD History: 2-year Dru Meditation Teacher Diploma. Dru Advanced Meditation (ongoing). Dru Student Yoga Teacher 200-hour (working towards full accreditation). 2-year Vibrational Healing Diploma (Subtle Energy Medicine Practitioner) and a further 1-year Advanced Development*. Reiki Master. 1-year post grad. at Allen College of Homeopathy. 1-year post grad. Homeopathy Miasmatic Philosophy and Case Management with Sheilagh Creasy. 
*Please visit for information on Subtle Energy Medicine (Gem Therapy & Reiki Gem Therapy Relaxation Techniques and Meditation)