My journey

The focus of my practice as a homeopath is on emotional wellbeing for everyone and women's health

I began my 4-year Classical Homeopathy training in 2001... and I whole-heartedly believe that homeopathy has a role to play in our physical and emotional wellbeing

As part of my continuing practitioner development, I study new methodologies that will enhance my practice and be of benefit to my patients... 

...I recently graduated as a Dru Meditation Teacher (2018) and am currently studying to be a Dru Yoga Teacher. I know from personal experience how they've both contributed towards my physical and emotional wellbeing over the years. They're such great practices for personal growth, health and happiness 

I've integrated crystal healing into my practice too... I use them in daily life and during meditation and have experienced their transformational qualities. Following a 3-year in-depth study I am confident of their significant value when used as a therapeutic tool for healing and/or meditation

I offer an integrated approach to healthcare. Sometimes a combined approach is better than a singular one...

I am registered with the Society of Homeopaths and adhere to their Code of Ethics and Practice and the International School of Dru Yoga. I'm a Dru Meditation Teacher (Dru Meditation Teacher Diploma) and Student 200-hour Yoga Teacher (completion Feb. 2021)

CPD: Subtle Energy Medicine Practitioner (Diploma in Vibrational Healing, Vibrational Healing Foundation). Reiki Master (Reiki Academy London)

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