homeopathy FAQs

  Homeopathy starts with a one to one consultation... I'll ask you to describe how you experience your current symptoms e.g. are you in pain and if so what type of pain is it, what makes the pain worse or better etc. along with how you feel generally and what effects you physically and emotionally along with details regarding your medical history and your family's medical history

  What happens next... I'll examine your case in-depth to determine the appropriate remedy

  Remedies are dispatched within 48 hours of the consultation

  I advise a follow-up consultation roughly 4 to 5 weeks later to help gauge your progress and determine the next step to take. I have a scale of prices for follow-ups because they don't always take the same amount of time and I want to charge fairly

  How long will I need treatment for... this varies from person to person and depends entirely on how long you've experienced your current condition and how you respond to treatment

  I do offer acute treatment such as advise on remedies for colds and flu, pre and post op. procedures, toothache and headaches

  Homeopathic remedies... are sustainable, non-toxic, non-addictive and are not tested on animals, only tested on healthy humans

  All consultations are currently held via Zoom

  Please select my price page for costs

  For a comprehensive list of Private Medical Insurance Companies who cover homeopathy and recognise Society Registered members please visit https://homeopathy-soh.org/hom

  Consultations are completely confidential and non judgemental

  Consultations are payable in advance. Please allow 48-hours notice if you need to cancel your appointment

  I do offer low cost homeopathy

  If you are new to homeopathy and would like a chat beforehand please get in touch via the contact page